Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to be a member of United Church of Christ to use your services?
No. UCC Homes welcomes people of all faiths.

2. Do I have to turn over control of my finances if my application for admission is approved?
No. Each individual person maintains control of their own finances.

3. Do I pay an entrance fee to move onto the UCC Homes’ Campus?
No. UCC Homes does not require entrance fees. Fees are based on monthly or daily basis.

4. Do I pay a monthly maintenance fee to live in a rented apartment?
No. UCC Homes does not charge a maintenance fee to live in a rented apartment.

5. If I decide to move, what is the financial penalty?
There is no financial penalty if you decide to move with the exception of the security deposit.

6. If I move into a personal care or skilled nursing level of care do I have to conform to the rules of that unit?
Though any community has rules for the good of all, our philosophy focuses on individual preference. We make every effort to honor the wishes of each individual to the extent possible.

7. What if I don’t like the food being served?
In personal care or the skilled nursing level of care we offer a second option for each meal served. In addition there are food items which are always available upon request. Residents and families are allowed to prepare their favorite meals in our leisure center. Family members are encouraged to bring in your favorites for your enjoyment as well.

8. What if I am used to taking my medications at a special time.
Providing your physician does not object, you may have your medications at your customary time.

9. I’m an early (late) riser. Will it be hard to cope with the schedule?
No. UCC Homes respects and encourages natural wake-up times. Staff will support you the resident based on your schedule, not that of the community.

10. I like a big (light) breakfast and I like to eat it early (late). Will it be hard to cope with the schedule?
Not at all. We have an open breakfast schedule. A full cooked breakfast is available over a two hour time period and light breakfast is available whenever you so desire.